Payroll Pro Cloud

Payroll Pro is now offered as a service on the cloud (SaaS), fully managed by Easysoft. No worries about setting up or maintaining your own infrastructure. 

Use can access Payroll Pro from any popular browser on your desktop, or if you are on the go from your laptop and collaborate with your team.

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Cloud benefits

  • No need to buy, configure and maintain a server
  • Automated server and application updates
  • Access Payroll Pro from virtually anywhere, anytime
  • Collaboration between employees working from remote sites
  • Secure connection 
  • Backups and business continuity
  • Fast transition for existing clients from the current on-premise setup to the cloud, transferring all existing data

Secure access

  • The servers are hosted on AWS cloud offering increased level of security, scalability and performance
  • Client accessed may be configured to accept only specific IP addresses
  • Communication between client (via browser) and server is through a secure channel using HTTPS
  • Authentication using SSO (e.g. Google or Azure )

Secure data backups

  • Automated data backups based on schedules
  • User initiated backups
  • Retention period according to organisation policy
  • Data backups can be downloaded and retained by the organisation